March 22, 2013


A huge thank you to my lovely friend Laura for modelling for me. how awesome is her hair!

I made this little head wreath for her last night just before I was let loose in her room and re-arranged everything.... so much fun. It probably one of my favourite things to do at home and to be honest I was a little nervous as I know MY "stuff" really well but to change up someone else's things.... how would I know if it would work?? I secretly LOVED IT!!

The head wreath is in my new Easter colours. So honestly what do you call this? The best I could come up with is a head wreath but if you do have a better name, please let me know.


P.s I couldn't help but also post the last pic. Thanks Laura for volunteering. X

March 21, 2013


It's Easternext week, so I decided to splash out and buy a couple of different watercolours - crazy, I know! And with that it inspired me to create a new range of sweet, pale colours for our Easter lunch with friends. These are just the progress photos for tonight, planning a crafty night tomorrow to make them with L.

March 7, 2013

March 6, 2013


Sadly we had to say goodbye to our dear old friend, Monster (Monty) the dog today. I wanted to make something that would remind me of him. He and his mischievous friend Alfred always seemed intrigued by the ever growing pile of paper off cuts on the lounge room floor. Rest in peace Monster. X

February 25, 2013


After visiting Life Instyle (a show close to my heart), I felt the sudden urge to come home and craft... I can't decided to use these for wrapping or for pegging photos up on the wall.


For almost a year now my girlfriends and I have been visiting each others places for dinner once a month. Enjoying the lovely dinners & knowing that we are booked in to see each other at least once a month. It was my turn this month and decided it should be valentines for the girls 'cause I can't say many of our partners are true romantics (a few exceptions however). P & I planned a crafty Sunday afternoon and created some crafty goodness. And I managed to end up with pink dyed hands... Attractive I know....

P.s - thank you for the overwhelming loveliness Nikki.

January 4, 2013


THE KATIE WOHL ETSY SHOP IS OPEN TO AUSTRALIA! I'll be putting up more handmade treasures as I go... if your a facebook or blog friend, feel free to contact me directly for orders and custom treasures.

January 3, 2013


I'm kinda loving garlands & buntings now...... What can I make next is a common question in my head now... Hehe

January 2, 2013


So with all my watercolour paper from the Christmas break, I thought I would try out making garlands.


I made myself a little brooch to wear tonight, I still haven't decided if I want it in my hair or pinned to my dressing.... hard decision... hey?

December 29, 2012


I have always had a love for Magnolias. I'm not sure why but I even named my graphic design studio after them. They just seem so graceful.

So why I didn't start with making magnolias?? I'm not sure... But so far the are my favourite.
The second picture is of our dinner table last night...

December 18, 2012


Its my first year of out the family home and its time to start getting Christmasy..... So I got crafty with the hot glue gun and made some (my version) Poinsettias for a wreath.  After findings a few berries in my local craft store, I was off and ready to make one for my Mum and one for my door....

Can't wait for Christmas! My favourite part is time with family... what's yours?

November 26, 2012


I couldn't wait till thursday to start decorating, its M's birthday in a weeks time and we are celebrating early with friends.  I decided it would be Mexican themed this year as its fun and easy to do with a big group. AND I couldn't help but get my craft on by making a tablecloth and some bunting....

p.s I would love to say I did, but I didn't draw the skull - how amazing it it though.

November 18, 2012


Today A and I spend pretty much the whole day exploring the world of tutus, tule and tying knots.
All in time for our work christmas party. I can't yet say what we are going as (that's a surprise) but it will be fun and it will be girly....


Never having been to races, I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going, but I followed P and a few friends into a new world. We did get dressed up and even wore a fascinator or two. 

Once we found the pink champagne, we new knew what to do, even had a few bets on the races we watched. The boys knew more about how to bet but it was the girls who brought home the most money!

November 14, 2012


What more could you want, 7 differnt ciders, 6 different pork dishes and 5 great friends. Well, we tried out a new restaurant today - amazing! If they ever have a cider and pork degustation dinner, you must go!

November 9, 2012


That's right - while most people were sleeping in this morning P and I got up at 5:45am and headed on down to Manly Beach. Why on earth do you ask?

Well - Guy Leech organised to beat a world record fitness circuit, needing over 1165 people.... So P and I registered, collected our t-shirts, little towels (that's for P), water bottles, magazines and all the other promotional pieces.

I'm lucky to say he did indeed set a new world record at over 1300...
Such a great morning & now to treat ourselves to a morning coffee at Armchair Collective.

P.S I'm still wearing my new shirt 3 hours later.... &


I fell in love with two greats today - Earl Grey tea and FIND & KEEP by Beci Orpin... no better combination - however it was topped off with a beautiful dose of rain outside. It made the perfect post work afternoon.

By the way, I'm in ore of the amazing work done by Beci Orpin! If you haven't seen or bought a copy of her book - its your job for tomorrow!

November 7, 2012


At work we were given the task to create something wonderful to celebrate the Melbourne Cup this year - I got out my glue gun and started creating....

So this morning I put on my spotty blue dress and my newly handmade fascinator and off to work I went. I ended up in the fashion parade even though I swore I would go in it. Oh well - a bottle of champgne for my troubles - yay, just in time for girls dinner...

November 4, 2012


Today M and I went on adventure, well kind of.... we ventured out to the olympic area for M to attend a running race at 7:30am... crazy I know - ON A SUNDAY.... but it ended up being a wonderful morning.

For the past 3 events we both entered, me being the one who finished after M and not so seriously enjoyed the run/walks through the race areas. But this time just M entered and it was game on, he was serious and ready to beat his PB. Im happy to report he did, at 4mins 55sec a kilometre... he's getting faster each time.

Well for me, I enjoyed a lovely sunny moring reading the paper and soaking up the much missed rays of sunshine....